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Roadmaster schools have some very unprofessional instructors and a finger or two of real great ones. There coperate office does not care about whats going on and their schools and how there students are not recievibg yhe proper trainibg that they needbto become professional truck drivers. Roadmasters has one phone line tha5 go from office to office to the same person. If you want professional tey another school because this one is a horror... Read more

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i'got'to start at the bottom'and work back up DL#D up to CDL#A Add comment

This is the biggest joke of a cdl school I've ever heard of. It's a CDL MILL. DO. NOT. GIVE. THEM. YOUR. TIME. OR. MONEY!!!! The school I went to, (Indianapolis) has been shut down... no one will explain why... equipment they had was awful, more trucks parked off to the side broken down than they had running. Classroom instructor got paid to play a pre trip video from Florida (which was missing vital parts to pass in Indiana) and go to her... Read more

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I was a trainer a the Orlando school ..I was asked to be weekend was common for the school to close between 4:30pm and 5:30pm on the I was let go because of me letting students and instructors leave..was told students lost a hour and instructors got paid a hour for not being there...we have been doing this since I been there 9months...the director Ed told me it should have never happened..he said not my problem it... Read more

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I don't know what these compliants are about, i thought they were excellent, the staff, teachers, everybody was very helpful, friendly and informative, very good school, I'm a graduate of the 2004 class... Add comment

I was an instructor at Roadmaster West Valley City at the time this person posted this complaint. I taught yard and road skills. Everyone needs to know this: for the 2 years I taught there the graduation rate was over 90%. People who did not graduate failed because they had a temperament that was clearly dangerous to the public, could not pass the mandated tests, which include an initial drug test, knowledge tests about driving and vehicles,... Read more

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I am now in orlando road masters driving school they are short staff and dont teach you anything dont waste your money here go to a smaller school they charged everyone $8000 but $12000 at an 18% interest rate but really you wont learn anything unless you been had experience Add comment

Roadmaster is worst school in Columbus, also instructors play games by their mobile and Ronnie is racist he does what he want fail or pass so I advice you not to join that school if it is going as it is recently will close Add comment

Very shady company. All they wanted was the money from me to retest. It took less then 30 min to do the pre trip inspection. Joe the instructor didnt want me to do the walk up or under the hood of the truck. He smoked his cigarette and watched the students while I was going over some of the outside of the truck. First thing said was "oh we have another one of ***clients that need to retest. I knew he would fail me before we even started. He... Read more

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I am reading these reviews and I sure hope non of these bad experiences happen to me. I went to San Antonio Road Master and the instructor was real brief and dry. Really wasn't getting it but never assisted you to get it. Had to have your permit the first week and also pass other 3 test by end of first week. Needless to say I have been sent home due to not passing and was staying @ the Red Roof in with cockroaches. I have called to see how long... Read more

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