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This school is a complete rip off you pay all this money and for what I'm currently attending this school after 5 hours I'm lucky to get into the truck 1 time and also out of 5 hours I would b able to drive 1 hour out of 5 they will change up the rules in a heart beat don't make no sense they keep bringing classses in left and right they only have 4 trucks and it's like 50 ppl that have to use them so just do the math your basically paying all that money to stand in the hot sun for 5hours a day

Product or Service Mentioned: Roadmaster Drivers School Program.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have to agree with the above comment. Currently, my fiancee is attending Roadmaster Drivers School and I feel awful for steering him into their program.

He was extremely excited and doing quite well with all the lessons etc. but then it was time to get the hands on training and the ratio of equipment/trucks to students was ridiculously ill-proportioned. Granted, it would be unreasonable to fathom having an available truck for each student, but as the statement above, there is much time simply wasted standing around doing nothing. This seems odd to me considering that cost of their CDL Training is horrendous and the statement of turning out hundreds of thousands of CDL licensed students.

You would think they may invest in more equipment or consider rethinking the organization of their program. He also experienced being talked to very disrespectfully by the office personal, namely a woman who runs the finance department, and also threatened to not be able to return if he left due to doing nothing all day in below freezing temperatures.

I would NOT EVER recommend this facility to anyone, not even those I may dislike as my fiancee is miserable and just wants to finish, acquire his Class A CDL license and forget our terribley negative experience with this company. Thoug it may be fresh in our thoughts for some time to pay off the outlandish tuition because of their "financial aid" smh...just highway robbery is what this facility should be named!

Roadmaster Drivers School Verified Representative

Thank you for taking the time to leave us your feedback. We are sincerely sorry that you are currently having difficulties during your training at Roadmaster.

While we work hard to ensure every person who attends Roadmaster gets the best possible experience, we understand that issues do sometimes occur during training.

We will be contacting the School Director and Regional Manager to look into your problem immediately. While we cannot discuss your personal experience and issues on a public forum, we would encourage you to call our Customer Service department at 1-866-966-0699so that we can look deeper into your issue to help resolve the problem.

to roadmaster #1412665

***!!You don't do anything to fix it!

to Pablo #1514508

Did roadmaster sort it out?

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