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I was enrolled Class#01 in San Antonio TX. The school is located off of Eddie rd. The little stuff i will go ahead and note here is that sharing the tractor abd trailer with 4 students can cause unbalanced practice time in the long run. Secondly , 2 instructors , one is Jeff and he is a supervisor, and the other one is Shannon. I dont know if shannon has realized it but yelling at somebody when they are trying to drive should be considered a "dangerous act" because its distracted driving. With Jeff , he wrote 3 out of 4 of us in the group for 'not being up to par' of our training compared to other students in the same class. This right away is not credible because there was only 1 automatic group which was ours at the time.... how can you compare manual students to automatics when to each their own are trained on different structures? Also shouldnt it be a sign that your instructors are lacking the proper training or quality of if it shows we are not up to par?

Also when i got through my school evaluations, my GPA was a 88 average. Which is pretty good! When i started my CDL exams , i flew through and past my pre trip and airbrakes the first time around. Next i moved to the skills, exams which was straightline back , passed it, offset , passed it, and parallel i had the problem with. On day 2 after i failed for too many pull ups on the parallel i was left at the exam table with just me and one other student sitting in the warehouse. By ourselves. I started to complain if we were going to get any practice time and they said both trucks are being used BUT that we werent allowed to leave ? Well when a 3rd truck became available after getting its gearbox replaced. We were given that truck , by the time it was picked up it was nearly 5pm and close up procedures start between 530-540pm. We only got to go once. This school seriously needs to have a recovery class to work on anything they are failing on the weekends with a assigned instructor(s) to actually and consistently help students who are sinking and just becoming in debt with money spent on a school that doesnt care if you pass or not.

I would like to note that i went straight to CR England trucking and i passed the exam on the first try and im now working with my CDL.

Go to a company ! Not this private school. A company would actually work with you and help you get your cdl and you wont have any tuition wot pay with a work contract.

Even corporate called me and claimed that what i said wasnt true that they dont give advice regarding the CDL exam grading. Both Jeff and Carlton told me pointers ti cheat over there or try to go faster on the parallel to speed yourself in the box and it would be ok to back up past the rear cones and to just have points taken off and then pass for their cdl examination.

Product or Service Mentioned: Roadmaster Drivers School Program.

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