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let me start by saying that i gave my licence up 10 years ago because i did not have the truck to take my test in and since i have been out here in Fontana California and at the school all the people that really go to school for this need to apply them selves and do what the instructors ask of them all the skill's are simple if you apply yourself and stop blaming the instructors for your own failure people think that you can climb into a truck and it is and easy job well think again it is allot of work on the part that you are in a work environment that is demanding and it also is long hard hours where you have a time line to be at certain drop off points that are what the customers wants and then you have laws that you have to follow and then hours of service issues that have to met as well and all you students from one student to another student don,t blame someone else for your failure all you people who are complaining need to understand that all you have to do is apply yourself and get through the school is on you if you don,t like road masters there are other schools out there that like Debbie Dotson trucking school that are far worse the road masters most of the other schools charge allot more money and you get half the benefits from there instructors and these are people that really have no clue about what real driving is about thank you have have a nice day

Product or Service Mentioned: Roadmaster Drivers School Cdl Training Program.

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