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In July of this year, after much thought, I decided that I wanted to become a truck driver. I went and got my physical completed, went down to DMV and got my CDL learners permit.

At that point I was stuck, with no truck to learn on or take a test with, I needed a school. I went to Miller Motte here in Fayetteville (5 mins from my house) and went through their orientation interviews. I learned that I needed $5,000 to go to their school, so I went to the Employment Security Commission and tried to get some help with tuition. The state did not have money at that time, and the lady there gave me a flier for Roadmaster Truck Driving School.

I called and spoke with a representative/salesperson at the Dunn NC office and went in to talk to him. I explained to him that I did not have good credit, and that I did not have money to throw down for school. This was on June 28, 2017. While I was talking to the Roadmaster representative, my DD-214 came up and the fact that I had a Bad Conduct Discharge and it might be hard for me to find work with that.

He stated that they would have to find a company that would hire me before I could start school. I understood completely, and I spoke with several companies before giving up hope. After having quite a few let downs, I gave up the thought of Roadmaster and started talking with a couple of other companies with in house training. I was accepted to one of them and made plans to leave for that school a few hours away.

Around 5 pm on August 1, 2017 I received a call from their representative stating that a company had given me a conditional prehire and I could start as early as Monday the 7th of August. I called my wife, we made plans and I went on July 2 to pay my $80 to start school on Monday the 7th of August. I choose Roadmaster over the other school because it would give me a couple more weeks at home while I got through school. My pregnant wife took time off work so I could start this new career that we had been discussing.

We shifted our entire life around. Home, kids, work etc. I started on Monday (the 7th of August) and have excelled in class. I had been early every day, and completed all of my online courses.

I was supposed to start driving on Monday. I was called in to finance on Tuesday. The lady said that I would need a co-signer for my credit. Worse case scenario, I would possibly need a $1000 down payment.

This was the first time since I spoke with Roadmaster that I had heard anything about possibly needing a co-signer or anything. I had clearly told the representative/ salesman that I did not have good credit on my first visit. I told the lady in finance the same thing, and that I did not have $1000. But I had my wife fill out the credit application and turned it back in the next day.

Then of course she calls me back in on Thursday and says she needs $1000 down. Now two months have went by, and after we have rearranged our lives, driven 40 mins a day to and 40 mins a day from school for almost a week, I am asked for something that I clearly stated in July that I could not do. I understood that I didn't have good credit on day one when I spoke to their representative. If I would have, I would of went and gotten a loan and went to Miller Motte.

If I would have had $1000 I would have went to Miller Motte. It would have saved me 35 mins to and 35 mins from each day in travel. If I would have known that Roadmaster was going to ask me for good credit or $1000 I would have already left for the in house school like I was planning. I was mislead.

I was on a rollercoaster ride with Roadmaster that could have been easily corrected. Roadmaster had two months to get me approved while they were looking for a company that would hire me after school, or to tell me I would need a consigner/$1000 from the beginning, or at the minimum when I was called back to start school on August 1st. This is called a Bait & Switch Tuition Scheme. You can Google Roadmaster Scam and see that it's not just my complaint.

Some people have quit their jobs to start training at Roadmaster. They too found out that without good credit and /or cash they have jumped into a frying pan. People don't go to school to make their lives worse, they do it to better themselves. To straighten out their credit, to have that extra cash.

I wasted 4 days of my life, $80 for a urinalysis with Roadmaster, gas, my wife's leave time, etc. because of Roadmaster's mistakes and/or misleading practices. There were people sleeping and texting in class, students that were clearly lost. In an industry where safety should be a lifestyle, not just a word thrown around, thats alarming.

It appears that everything seems to be about how much money can be made and not about the type of person that should be in control of 80,000 lbs on a interstate. The "Big" companies that Roadmaster promises you to as pre hires are reimbursing the tuition. They do not need your money and a prehire for a company that pays for. Roadmaster Dunn NC is a CDL Mill.

I have made mistakes in my past, and I have paid for them dearly. In some aspects I will continue to pay for them the rest of my life. I understand that, and I accept it. I was never asking for a handout, just for them to be honest with me.

I'm trying to better myself, and the lives of my family.

I'm not sure what Roadmaster aka. Werner Trucking (the owners of Roadmaster) are thinking, but it's definitely not about putting the truth out there, or correcting their mistakes when they make them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Roadmaster Drivers School Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This comment is so true!

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