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Roadmasters is great and as I'm leaving, it's getting better. The yard is bigger for more potential training. Let's hit the negatives first shall we?

Cost! You know the cost going in before you start. Nobody makes you sign up and then tells you "oh by the way, here's the bill!" Plus, soooo many companies offer tuition reimbursement. You get your money back! Stop playing the victim, and become the victor.

Lack of yard time. I agree, I wish we had more time. The yard has expanded since I left so God willing you're getting more time. The only thing I would suggest is don't do what I did. I feared looking silly and never wanted to try first. So by the time it was my second go around, I either barely made it or didn't at all. Suggestion, be first! Get in that cab and get after it. Make the most out of every opportunity. You may not have a great group to surround you like I did. They knew it, and allowed me to go again skipping their turn. Learn from my mistake.

The computers during week one. Yes they're slow BUT you can log in from home or on your phone and complete the eTreads in no time. Stop complaining and refocus your energy on passing the test. You start Monday, you're at the DMV Thursday morning. You can easily become your own worst enemy.

The instructors. You may find that he or she is not fitted for you. Simply talk to someone about switching. It's that simple. Don't make things more complicated because you lack the ability to address the issue. It's like working on your maneuvers. Steer towards the problem. Trust me that'll make sense week two. These instructors could easily be OTR making more money but instead they're here helping you. Treat them with respect, they're there to help you.

I was blessed with a great group, great instructors, and the ability to provide for my family so long as i'm willing to put the work in. Nobody is handing you anything, go out and earn it. Reach out if you have any questions. Thank you Roadmasters.

Product or Service Mentioned: Roadmaster Drivers School Program.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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