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Bad overall, most instructors rude, unprofessional . The school tuition is 6900.00 and NOT WORTH IT.

I can see if one would paid 2500.00 total. This price should be enough to cover all the training including diesel costs, instructors pay, staff pay, facility utilities and ins cost. Remember this course is only 4 week long and students are paying pretty much 7k (per student). For a four week course, com'on.

If you ask me ( someone's laughing to the bank ) . Go to a community college and enroll, ask for financial aid, you'll be trained better and won't get stuck with a bill.

Save your money folks, avoid this school at all costs ( literally). Not worth it, not worth it, not worth it!

Review about: Roadmaster Drivers School Program.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Lutz, Florida, United States #1280405

I graduated from Roadmaster and you have no idea what you're talking about. Community colleges take twice as long so you have to be out of work for that much longer and then you'll have to pay the $2500.

Plus our local community college had crappy trucks and equipment. The Roadmaster here in town had new trucks and simulators and all my tuition is being paid back by my trucking company.

So I got trained much quicker and will end up with zero out of pocket so your argument is worthless. My training was well worth it and I would recommend Roadmaster to any and all interested.

to Anonymous Fort Pierce, Florida, United States #1280813

Are you possitive because my husband is about to go to this school which he has to quit his job for so its a HUGE risk. But they told us it was 4k upfront or 5 k payments.

to Amanda Collingswood, New Jersey, United States #1304434

Amanda make sure u can carry the bills because it cost a lot going to that school also you have to be able to send him money for food ect.... please think before u guys do that.

to Anonymous #1440262

Do there provide somewhere to stay?

to Amanda #1388031

I graduated from the Orlando location. I had a great experience overall.

I had 7 job offers before I finished. I chose to drive with Covenant and their trainers said Roadmaster students were better trained generally than others.

Honestly looking at all these negative reviews, all I can tell you is: expect a hard job. Well, it's more, a hard lifestyle - your first two years as a driver you will not be home much, it will be unpredictable timing.

There's a nerve wracking learning curve. But.

You can live on very little and make pretty decent money right off the bat.

I recall 2 instructors who cared a LOT. Really good guys that were trying to pass on what they knew, going above and beyond the curriculum, just good caring people. Plus a couple more instructors who were just punching the clock but they did a decent job as teachers.

As far as not being in the truck - true. And also: exactly what I wanted.

I got the perfect amount of time behind the wheel, classroom, and observation. Several classmates struggled - they were the same people who were impatient with the structure.

PAY ATTENTION. They go over the concepts in class - they put you behind the wheel - they give you the chance to watch classmates struggle. It's a good school - for adults.

It's not a career field for kids at heart.

You have to be motivated. That's not the school, it's the career.

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