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Where do I begin? First, Roadmaster sells the program like a used car dealer.

Everything is about money, not the training. The school is owned by Werner, so if you drive for them they reduce the tuition, but then you are stuck with only one company, or you pay back the loan. Pay for yourself and the school is twice as expensive as anywhere else (over $7,000). The instructors are lazy, and could not care less about whether you pass the CDL test or are a safe driver.

They pack so many students in (with loans!) that you get almost no driving time. Instead, everybody stands around and watches a few others drive. Most of the training is just watching a computer. Have difficulty with skills?

Good luck. They yell and bully you to quit so they can keep our money. Most students do not pass the CDL test. Then they refuse to give you any help.

Classes start with 20 and 4 end up passing. I could not take any more time after 7 weeks, so I had to quit and find another option. Then the school goes after you for the loan if you can't pass. This is not a school, this is a CDL scam factory.

Don't bother calling this place. Guaranteed to get screwed, fleeced, and harassed by collections.

Product or Service Mentioned: Roadmaster Drivers School Program.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I didn't like: Instructors yell, Nobody cares about whether you succeed, Way too expensive, Cdl loan ripoff, Lots of standing around.

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Milford, Pennsylvania, United States #1304134

I work at road master Bethlehem. We are a 4 weak 220 hr school.

we allow a max of 300 hrs and 3 test. we have had people take as many as 8 test before they passed. after 3 test there is a charge for each additional test. As for as you saying that we don't care.

and we try to make you fail is far from the truth. Every person there works there butt off doing what ever they have to do to make you succeed. Now you said we wouldn't allow you to continue after 7 weeks. Well most of the students succeed within the 5th week.

we gave you 7. How about letting us know who you are so we can tell the real story.

to John #1311627

I think you need to go back to grammar school and check your spelling before you post bro LOL. Weak instead of week???


*** dude, that's what they're hiring at Roadmaster??? Why would anybody want to learn from someone who can't spell their way out of a wet paper bag?

to Anonymous Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, United States #1339188

I wanted to ask u about the drug test...i know they it's done day 1. But what is the process...is it at a labcorp or is it at The school. Also is in the am when U 1st got there

to Bitchroad #1388026

First: if you have trouble passing a drug test - do yourself a favor and find another job field. Straight talk - truckers have spot tests from highway patrol and most employers.

That's not being judgy, just trying to save you wasting your time and money.


when I went through Roadmaster years ago, I believe it was at the school and easy to fake your way through.

I *ahem* happen to know for a fact that two of my classmates weren't actually putting their own pee in that cup.

The school itself isn't your worry. The career is another story.

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